University For Peace (UPAZ)

UPAZ is an international Institution created by the General Assembly of the UN on December, 1980. It has as its primary objective the search for Peace through education. It follows the ideals of the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its own Charter. Peace, education, communication, reconciliation, and human rights form the basic structure of the University. Elements that influence Peace either directly or indirectly such as the environment, natural resources, sustainable development, quality of life, technology, international relations, etc. are studied in relation to their functional impact on Peace and not as isolated subjects.

The vision of its "founding fathers" former Costa Rican president Sr. Rodrigo Carazo and its Chancellor, Dr. Robert Muller, former Ass’t. Secretary-General of the UN-has been held steadfast. With the advent of the renowned Maurice Strong as Acting Rector in 1999, UPAZ will be able to fulfill its vision as an educational and conference center for heads of state to learn and use skills of Peacebuilding. Its "Culture for Peace and Democracy in central America Program" and "Governance Project" place the University in the forefront of regional Peacebuilding.