Umtapo Centre

Peace is more than an absence of war" "Where there is a will, there is a way — to PEACE" "World Peace begins with each human being, each family, each local community, each nation."

Umtapo Centre is a pioneering Peace education organization in South Africa, actively training and educating the population in the many ways of Peace. Their Peace Education training courses attract people from all over the country.

"Peace Education is a process of liberation and the collective conscious effort to affirm and develop positive indigenous values in the quest for true humanity."

"Peace Education in Africa envisages a self-reliant society that promotes interdependent harmonious relationships amongst people and between people and their environment."

"Objectives of an African Peace Education Program:

  • To contribute to the restoration and promotion of Africa’s right to shape its own destiny & contribute in world affairs
  • To promote the learning of history and culture from an African perspective
  • To resist capital-led globalization and promote structural and social Peace
  • To identify all forms of injustice that violate human dignity and apply corrective Peace action
  • To recognize, articulate and advance the role of women in Peace education
  • To utilize the totality of African human resource capacity in Peace education
  • To critically analyze the arms industry and to lobby against the culture of militarism."

Umtapo Centre participated in the UNOY Youth Conference and the Hague Appeal for Peace Conference in May of 1999. Their monthly newsletter, Pan African Peace Education, is filled with important information and news.