Spiral Charitable Creative Trust

Spiral Trust has over 1997 and 1998 been involved in a range of Peacebuilding activities within the Auckland Region as well as throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. Their involvement with UNESCO and the Culture of Peace Project began in late 1997. Since then, they have embarked on many projects to support this important program. They were one of the only organizations involved in celebrating the 1998 International Day of Peace/Hear the Children Day in New Zealand.

They are also conducting a series of Arts Workshops entitled Creative Kids in Auckland for young people between the ages of 8 and 18. These workshops are informed by the principles of Agenda 21, Articles 26 and 27 of the UDHR, and research from the Culture of Peace Project. These workshops create within youth cultures strong values of inter- generational, intercultural, trans-spiritual, and ecological harmony through the medium of arts.

Their major project is the planning and development of a Multimedia Youth Arts Center for the Auckland Region which will serve as an arts, information and Peacebuilding facility serving the 70,000+ young people in the region. They have begun a fundraising program for this project and aim to establish the center by 2001, appropriately at the beginning of the Decade for Peace and Non-violence.

Their sister organization, Auckland University Multimedia Society (AUMMS) is also a WPI Participant. They offer free local music events where Peace information is also distributed. They also are producing an audio CD and booklet on the themes of a Culture of Peace.