Performing & Fine Artists For World Peace

1. Performing & Fine Artists for World Peace emphasizes the arts as a means to promote certain ideals. These include harmony between the earth and its inhabitants, respect for the human rights of all people, and the equitable sharing of the earth’s resources so that all people will have the necessities of life."

Our mission is to establish a global network of performing & fine artists who dedicate their work to Peace promote freedom of expression through the arts and opposes governmental repression of creativity preserves the diverse cultures of the world through cultural exchange supports environmental, human rights, world hunger and Peace education organizations with their work and supports the goals of the United Nations and other international bodies addressing global issues.

2. Within the 8 paths of Peacebuilding we focus much of our attention on the environment. One of our most successful programs is Earth-Friendly Schools Hawaii-International. This program not only promotes caring for the earth, but the values of respect, responsibility, commitment and service. It was created on the island of Kaua`i in 1992 and has since expanded to include schools across the state of Hawai`i, on the mainland US, and internationally. One of the major projects of this program is Caring for the Earth Month that we created in 1996 and that is celebrated annually in April.