Fundacion P.E.A.

Vision: to promote the expansion of the principles and values of Love, Respect, Ethics, Co-operation and Unity. To awaken and leave as a legacy, a Consciousness of Peace and Unity among all inhabitants of the planet Earth.

Purpose: To contribute to Peace in the world: a sustainable Peace in which systematically all work to create a Consciousness and a Culture of Peace. To exalt the principles of Co-operation, Fraternity among Peoples, Sense of Evolution, altruistic work in favor of the Commonweal and all the other human values that will have to be expressed in order to manifest on Earth a Culture of Peace. To undertake together the path toward Peace. To Work in Unity to forge Peace within and in the Planet that we inhabit, giving place to the birth of a true passion: "A Passion for Peace"

Pillars: Peace is much more than the absence of war it is a process, not an event. Peace is the result of the awakening of each individual’s consciousness of Peace and its expression in everyday life. This process is born through education and awareness of Universal Principles and Human Values of Love, Respect, Ethics, Co-operation, Unity and Purpose these are the foundation of the Culture of Peace. A Culture of Peace is achieved when individuals express these values and act in unity and harmony with others. This is the basis for a true and lasting Peace in the new millennium.