On Sticker Marketing Campaign

Despite the casual and playful nature of stickers, they are not just popular among the young generation. In fact, they are popular among various age groups and they are one of the best ways to efficiently expand your market reach.

Here are several ideas that you can utilize when you use stickers for branding and visibility of your products.

Target your Audience

In order to be successful, you have to create a campaign based on your target market. The same as what you would do for any promotional operation, the greatest way to start a sticker campaign is to invest time in research and planning. Think about your target audience: their characteristics; their tastes and expectations; the impression you would want to project; the type of consumers you want to capture; and how you can build a lasting relationship.

Custom Stickers

One of the most practical reasons for sticker marketing is that they are very flexible in serving your purposes. There are a lot of printing services around (that can charge you a small price) to help you come up with a custom-made sticker depending on your requirements.

If you want, you can look for printers in your area; although, local printing may cost you more. Ordering stickers in bulk is highly recommended as you may be able to avail special offers and discounts of the items and services you purchased.

Be Creative

Besides incorporating a sticker campaign and knowing your audience, don’t forget to be inventive. Although the market isn’t as crowded as it is now, and even though stickers are convenient to use, making it look special will make your business standout from the rest; thereby, attracting customers.


Like leaflets and brochures, stickers can be handed out; however, they’re best used as a fun and easy-going tool. To give the campaign the right exposure, it is important that you should carefully choose where you should place it. The spots you choose should be accessible enough that it would be hard to miss. Just ensure that you’re placing it in respect to other people’s spaces.

Bumper Stickers

One of the most obvious choices to achieve exposure is using bumper stickers. Nowadays, car stickers have evolved from the tradition. Not only are they intended to be placed on the bumper, but alternatives like stickers being attached to car doors and windows have also become acceptable.

Striking Message

Sticker marketing is important, whether you have a solo campaign or a larger one. The major requirement is to have creative ideas and originality, and adapt to the medium that would suit your needs and the audience as well.