Quotes in support of PTP’s work with the WPI

“…In your commitment to fostering peace, I hope you will continue to aim to motivate members of your community and beyond to work together with the United Nations in making Peace a practical reality in the 21st century and into the new millennium… I wish you and your colleagues every success in your most worthy undertaking.”

—Gillian M. Sorensen, Under-Secretary-General, United Nations (1994)


“…We enjoyed the Annual Report greatly. Congratulations on excellent communication and inspiration. As a fellow Peace Messenger Initiative we deeply appreciate your initiatives in “building conflict-resolving community.”

—Stella Cornelius, The Conflict Resolution Network, Australia


“…Thank you for your regular correspondence we have received your latest letter…describing about the different ongoing programmes in connection with the “WE THE PEOPLES” INITIATIVE as sanctioned by the UN and forwarded in action by the initiative of Pathways To Peace towards having meaningful outcomes. As you know, we are also representing this movement to maintain peace and harmony all over the globe. We have introduced the programmes on this field to enhancing peacemaking initiative on global prospective…We are going to introduce different selected examples of Peace-Building in our area and the programmes include awareness raising and community development, peace education, workshop and ‘Hear the Children’ event…”

—Surya Bahadur Thapa, President, Friends Service Council, Nepal


“…We trust our meditations and contemplations are linked up together and that holds true in an arena of like-minded souls dedicated to a cause that transcends beyond basic human expectations. It’s most joyful to feel your presence even in a vacuum the essence of which is the direct showering of divine blessings to make whole our intended purpose…”

—Osoronko Nana-Yabani, Exec. President, of Palme Peace Foundation, Ghana


“…I had a wonderful time with the rural poor children, during the International Day of Peace. I really choose the farthest area where I can celebrate it with the young people in a remote area. It was in a school and I talked with their teachers and helped me organize the One Minute Prayer. They did really cooperated on the one-minute silence, after I explained to them patiently and slowly about the activity, and what the rest of the young people are doing on that day. It was a very fulfilling experience and a great hope.”

—Mario Fungo, Santa Magdalena Center for Peace & Environment, Philippines


“…Thank you for the encouraging letter and the copies of the Peace Wheel. We would be proud to be a participating organization in the “WE THE PEOPLES” INITIATIVE and look forward to further cooperation with you….”

—Deena Soliar, Director, Umtapo Center, South Africa