Principles and Practices

Unity in Diversity – leading to respect for each individual, organization, and project and their synthesis for greater purpose.

Co-operation – based upon compassion, trust, and sharing among diverse organizations, projects, and individuals to benefit the larger community.

These Principles are enacted through such Peace Practices as:

  • Focusing upon strengths and respecting the work of others.
  • Open, direct communications.
  • Accepting responsibility and keeping commitments.
  • Succinct expression, building upon the ideas of others.
  • Listening, leading to dialogue.
  • Celebrating all successes.
  • Opening and closing rituals – e.g. a minute of silence, music, inspirational readings, introductions from the heart, circle of commitment and invocations such as "May Peace Prevail on Earth."

"As everyone knows who takes a moment of silence from time to time, it is what remains that really counts as the moment progresses. And what really counts is life and love and our responsibility to each other. We are connected to all life throughout time and space, shaped by generations past, connected today around the globe, shaping our generations to come. A shared moment of silence to honor this connectedness is a simple and elegant statement of connection to life."

Astronaut Rusty Schweikart wrote these inspiring words to citizens who coordinated the 1984 International Day of Peace in San Francisco. Over 52 countries responded to the invitation to participate in the Project, which continues to expand to people throughout the world.