Silent Minute

This simple but potent organization was founded around the famous "Silent Minute" of prayer for Peace by the British people when Big Ben struck 9:pm each night during WWII. The power of prayer was demonstrated when after the war German military officers wanted to know what the "secret weapon" was which had been used every night against them.

Silent Minute continues to encourage people everywhere to pray for Peace, in their own languages, and with many prayers. They particularly emphasize the opportunity given at this solar eclipse of August 11th. "Picture (the Sun) in your mind as you say this prayer: ‘Source of my Being, help me to live in Peace, and save my Home, the Planet Earth.’ It will be mirrored back to the earth via the sun’s rays, touching all living water around the globe — the seas, the rivers, the lakes, the wells. Water has a memory, so this will be carried over the coming days and months, around the globe –opening mankind’s hearts to the essence of Universal Love."