Aquarian Age Community

Aware of the unprecedented times in which we live, the Aquarian Age Community seeks to help in the education of public opinion about the transformation of consciousness that is now possible on our planet. Having just witnessed the end of the 2500-year astrological cycle of Pisces, we stand at the beginning of the anticipated and auspicious 2500-year astrological cycle of Aquarius.

As a not-for profit educational organization, The Aquarian Age Community supports the restoration of the spiritual Mysteries as these are presented within the Ageless Wisdom which has always existed on our planet, but which in the past was taught to only the select few. Primary among those Mysteries is
the fact of the Soul-that inner spark of consciousness, the divine principle at the heart of all life-that connects humanity to higher states of awareness and consciousness.

Among its activities, the Aquarian Age Community

Publishes the Diamond Light, a quarterly newsletter featuring articles about the Ageless Wisdom philosophy as it relates to our contemporary times. The newsletter also features articles in support of the work of the United Nations

Sponsors monthly public meditation meetings in support of the work of the United Nations under the theme of "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity"

Hosts a web site which includes a section on the work of the United Nations and the possibilities that a strengthened United Nations holds for humanity and the planet

Hosts periodic roundtable meetings in which the spiritual community is encouraged to support the work of the United Nations e.g., the last one sponsored was on April 7, 2001

Offers "Cosmic Consciousness" greeting cards emphasizing the relationship between the individual, the planet and the cosmos. This, as a means to encourage a broadened consciousness.