Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation initiates and supports worldwide efforts to abolish nuclear weapons, to strengthen international law and institutions, to use technology responsibly and sustainably, and to empower youth to create a more Peaceful world. Founded in 1982, the Foundation is a non-partisan international education and advocacy organization dedicated to increasing the possibilities for Peace.

The Foundation has been working steadily this year toward efforts to abolish nuclear weapons. It is the international contact for the Abolition 2000 Global Network and a sponsor of the Middle Powers Initiative. It also launched a three-year joint project with INESAP on Moving Beyond Missile Defense earlier this year. We recently published a book entitled A Maginot Line in the Sky: International Perspectives on Ballistic Missile Defense offering a strong argument against US deployment of a missile defense system. Last year we prepared an Appeal to End the Nuclear Weapons Threat to Humanity, now signed by more than 90 world figures. Last fall we hosted a traveling exhibit from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Peace Memorial Museums in Santa Barbara, CA.

In addition, the Foundation has taken large strides toward increasing our outreach to students and other young people. We hired a full-time Youth Outreach Coordinator and are sponsoring Student Peace Leadership Trainings. We are also moving forward with efforts create campus chapters and to
launch a campaign aimed at raising awareness about the inappropriate relationship between the University of California educational system and the US weapons labs.

We continue to develop our websites into outstanding educational and advocacy resources. We offer a free monthly electronic newsletter, The Sunflower, which now has some 6,000 subscribers.

Global Scientific Spiritual Research Institute

This group, dedicated to the science of ethics and service, is organizing an international conference on a "Sacred Vision of Human Society for the next Millennium" in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India 18-20 August 1999.

The main purpose of the conference is to make recommendations to the UN to start a program called "United Nations Moral Guidance Program" for the citizens of the world so that they may live in Peace forevermore.