Action Without Borders

Founded in 1994, Action Without Borders is helping elevate civil society to the same level as the private and governmental sectors. Action Without Borders unites 14,000 organizations in over 130 countries through the Internet in order that they may share ideas, information and resources.

Since AWB became a Participating Organization of the "WE THE PEOPLES" INITIATIVE their network is linked through the Initiative website. They provide websites for networking, publish a global directory of Public Internet Access Points, and are also responsible for publishing Ideas in Action.

Action Without Borders works to bring the non-governmental-organizations associated with the United Nations on site in order to further pool resources and unite social sectors.

Women’s Health & Economic Development Association Of Nigeria

Last year, on September 15, 1998, the children celebrated the annual International Day of Peace and were able to put up a radio program to tell the nation about Peace and what it stands for. They called on the government of the State to do something about child abuse and child labor to make education free for children at all levels and medical services free for every family to desist from warring and to allow "Peace to Prevail on our Mother Earth" and to make the Earth a comfortable place to live in. One minute of silence was observed at that time.

WHEDA has mobilized close to 200 children for Peace across the Nation. "Afrika Desk" has been established in WHEDA as a liaison office to take care of all Peace programs and processes. WHEDA Int’l. also provides support for rural women and children’s health services, the Peace movement through children and youth groups, environmental health, educational efforts, and breast and cervical cancer advocacy. It seeks to enhance the state of women’s economic advances in rural communities to raise their living standard.