Bohol Goodwill Volunteers

Purpose: "To nurture the human being’ capacity for caring and nature’s carrying capacity".

Culture-led Sustainable Development Approach
Micro-credit, livelihood & cooperativism
Youth Camp
Distribution of Educational Materials
Capability-building for community leaders
Women & youth empowerment
Environment & Spirituality
Advocacy for Peace & Nonviolence

Our Peace-building activities include: The Planting of the Millennium Peace Pole at the world-famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Philippines on World Peace Day, distribution of Peace education materials, campaign for the use of toys for Peace and Peace-inspired music among children, inner Peace and meditation workshops, campaign for nonviolence and advocacy against death penalty, reverence for life and vegetarianism, and Peace through culture and eco-tourism.

World Federalist Association of Northern California

This worldwide organization has a 2020 Global Peace Initiative whose aim is to create a culture of Peace by the year 2020. "This Initiative reflects a global vision of unity: one heart, one mind, working toward one goal. We are many races which form One race: the human race. Each and every one of us has a different place we call home: but ultimately this planet is our Home. While the name 2020 is symbolic, thereby working with and reinforcing positive mass conscious thought forms, it has also been chosen as a practical time-frame for humanity to work towards creating a culture of Peace. Princeton University’s ‘Great Experiment’ which relates to measurement of emotion and directed thought appears to support what metaphysicians have claimed for years: our thoughts impact our reality.

The 2020 Initiative calls on UN member-states and non member-states to support the 2020 Initiative through action, specifically:

  1. formally acknowledging not only that our needs comprise the ultimate of human rights but that to create a culture of Peace we must recognize these needs as such and take positive steps toward devising a global Bill of Rights which ensures these rights for all Beings
  2. Formulating a global constitution supporting this Initiative
  3. Opening the borders-i.e. allowing free movement and residence of all Beings.

Not only does this specifically support Articles 2 & 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but global solutions must then be created to address issues relating to fundamental human rights-without allowing governments to hide behind the ‘veil of National Security’ or channel unnecessary funds into ‘security’ issues. This one act will gain the faith and trust of all Beings that our present political leaders and global structures have been put in place to operate for the highest good of humanity."