Centre For International Peacebuilding

The Centre is working on the late Brig. Gen. Michael Harbottle’s precepts to create "a new philosophy of service" for the world’s armed forces, as well as considering the misallocation of resources which stands in the way of achieving Peace. The Centre, under Eirwen Harbottle’s leadership. proposes looking at Global Security in its totality — that is, seeing economic, environmental, military and ethical/spiritual security as absolutely inter-linked.

This perspective enables the military to incorporate within the interlocking whole the humanitarian work they already perform in UN Peacekeeping and in environmental protection. Much of what they do in these areas is extremely valuable, yet it is not accepted as a proper military role. CIPB uses a diagram of four intersecting circles (spiritual/ethical, military/Peace-keeping, economic, and environment) with the inner segment of congruence devoted to women and youth, to ensure their voices and recognition in the whole.