Action Coalition for Global Change

The Action Coalition for Global Change based in San Francisco, continues working on two important projects towards a Culture of Peace, both expressions of the "WE THE PEOPLES" INITIATIVE The First (Pacific Coast) Regional People’s Assembly was held at San Francisco State University’s Seven Hills Center between June 29th – July 1st, 2001. Over 130 people from 50 different organizations attended, including representatives of People’s Assemblies from Seattle, Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York, India, Canada and Samoa. There were a number of distinguished speakers, many workshops, and "open space" to facilitate the creation of common visions, goals and actions.

This Assembly was part of an ongoing effort in the development of local-to-global People’s Assemblies around the world. Our mission as a People’s Assembly is to be a vehicle through which the voice of the people can be heard on issues affecting their destiny, to take action and insist that governments and businesses act responsibly, and to work toward a permanent elected body representing the people within an evolving United Nations. The People’s Agenda also includes the "Peoples Declaration of Human Responsibilities" for the Environment, in Politics, in Business.

Proceedings and summaries of this recent Regional People’s Assembly can be obtained through its web site. This web site will be a tool for people, organizations, and people’s assemblies from around the world to network and to exchange information, and to develop common goals, policies & projects.

The second project of the ACGC is creating San Francisco as a "Model City for the 21st Century". The goal of the Model City project is to translate the global vision into local action, and to "forge unity out of our rich diversity". Current work focuses on creating a Culture of Peace through Business through an initiative that promotes a win-win solution to the present problems in globalization: Consumers for Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR provides a neutral forum building trusting relationships between corporations and consumers (contact: Lola Kristof).

Association For A Social Movement

This group, established in 1993, aims to raise the standard of living, promote community welfare, and improve the environment in such a way as to encourage the healthy development of youth. Specifically, the organization runs family planning programs and water supply and sanitation activities.