Prairie Peace Park

The Park, which opened on June 11, 1994, tells a story — a powerful story about the human journey. A thousand persons represented this journey by walking barefooted on the clay the entire length of World Peace Mural before it was fired. Exhibits in the Park show that we need to visualize the next stages of this journey — to unfold the greatness of being human. If the founders of America were alive today, they might say that our mission is to build the world according to its Divine destiny with Divine guidance.

The Park offers visitors a vantage point from which to gain perspective to see that war, violence, and exploitation are not permanent, that we can develop a Peaceful world, and that this is possible as we unite our minds together. The Park is operated by volunteers who keep the Park open. Some of the exhibits are: Mandalas of the Holy Ones Children’s Sculptures Earth Alive Display. There are labyrinths, mazes, special paths to walk (Walking the Solar System, Amber Waves of Grain, Path out of War to Peace) and much more. The Prairie Peace Park is being built by concerned citizens — all volunteers — who have decided to give their time, energy and money to help heal the Earth and reduce violence in our society.