Peace Child International

Peace Child gets its name from a tradition In Papua New Guinea, when warring tribes o head-hunters made Peace, they each exchanged a child. The children would grow up with the others’ tribe and if in the future, conflict threatened between the tribes again, those children would be sent to negotiate. Such a child was called a "Peace Child." This legend represents the important role we believe young people can play in changing the world.

Peace Child is, was and continues to be a family of people dedicated to Peace and the survival of our planet. They have been involved with developing the youth version of UNEP’s report "The Global Environmental Outlook," otherwise known as GEO. Early this year eleven youth from ten countries came to PCI’s headquarters at The White House in the UK to write the first draft of this document.

PCI has also established 90 National Co-ordinators towards their Millennium Young People’s Congress, to be held October 22-25 1999 in Hawai’i. "The Young People’s Earth Summit" will convene over 1000 young people who will have the opportunity to express their concerns on issues that are significant to them.

PCI is also starting work on a youth edition of the United Nations Development Programme document called "The Human Development Report (HDR)."

There are nine HDRs, one for each year since 1990, each covering a different aspect of human development, e.g. poverty, gender, consumption, etc. In attempting to produce a much more "user friendly" series of books… "we have realized that once you have broken through the barrier of language and style of presentation, this is fascinating stuff."

They are just starting a project of Sustainable Development Training Centers in Africa, funded through the EU, and centered out of branches in Senegal, Guyana, Ghana and Uganda.

Global Environment & Peace Parliament

Motto: To Create A Global Environment For Peace And Harmony In World.

Slogan: Making Peace A Reality