Cohort For Research On Environment, Urban Management & Human Settlement

The Purpose and Mission of CREUMHS is engagement in non-political objects to conduct Research on Environment, Urban Management And Human Settlements To Advance Knowledge and Action around the fields of Environment, Urban Management And Human Settlements through Policy-Oriented Research and Information Sharing And Dissemination. of Research Results through Participatory Methods And Utilization.. Section 12 of The Constitution And Rules states the other dual role of the CREUMHS as an NGO are Training and Conducting of Research Findings Seminars and Workshops to promote the Utilization of Research Results undertaken And to build Networks and Extension among its membership.

CREUMHS was significantly involved in the aftermath of the embassy bombing in Nairobi. They contributed to the efforts of local and global NGOs to provide aid and to make a coordinated statement on behalf of the people of Nairobi. This manifested in a special ceremony in early January 1999, placing a Peace Pole in a central location in Nairobi, symbolizing the dedication of the people to building Peace, and raising hope that equitable solutions to social problems can be established. Research Coordinator Nicky Nzioki was a key organizer of NGO activities.