Whispers On The Wind

Whispers on the Wind is a documentary for and about world Peace. Filmmakers Ann Crawford and Arn Battaglene have been traveling the world interviewing people from all walks of life — politicians, royalty, street children, scholars, Russian Babushkas, world Peace leaders, celebrities, regular folks the world over — about how we can make world Peace. The answers are being compiled in a video documentary to be released in 2002.

As Ann and Arn travel the world, all the people they interview thank them for doing this and express their wish that the whole world could see this movie. That is the intention. Whispers on the Wind is based on the belief that anything we can do to reinforce our connection to each other will bring us that much closer to a world that feeds all of its children, treats all beings with grace and dignity, and lives in Peace and harmony.

The Vision

A Peace Messenger Initiative
Dedicated To The United Nations

"Acting in concert, we DO make a difference in the quality of our lives, our institutions, our environment and our planetary future. Through co-operation, we manifest the essential Spirit that unites us amid our diverse ways."

Excerpt of Letter from United Nations,
Executive Office of the Secretary-General:

The Peace Messenger Initiative is dedicated to the vision of the United Nations in the 21st century – its role in engendering Peace through Cooperation; and the United Nations at 50 and beyond – its relevance in the post-cold war era. In your commitment to fostering peace, I hope you will continue to aim to motivate members of your community and beyond to work together with the United Nations in making peace a practical reality in the 21st century and into the new millennium.

Let me urge you to join with others worldwide for a renewal of that commitment at the personal, group, community, national and international levels in celebration of our progress along the many paths to peace. I wish you and your colleagues every success in your most worthy undertaking.

Gillian Martin Sorensen
Under Secretary-General
Special Advisor to the Secretary-General for Public Policy

The "We the Peoples" Initiative is a co-operative movement to unite the strengths of existing organizations and projects toward making Peace a practical reality in the 21st century. The Initiative has served as a vehicle for bringing forward the previously unseen and unheard voices working towards Peace.

This diligent work strengthens the United Nations as an instrument for building and maintaining global Peace. Through a variety of activities and practices, people with diverse interests are taking responsibility for co-building Peace in practical ways. The dedication of those concerned groups and individuals illuminates the vitality behind the Initiative and provides the momentum required to establish Peace for our future generations.