Wakan, Inc.

Wakan, Inc., founded in 1983, is a non-profit educational and spiritual organization, dedicated to the premise that all life is sacred. Its goal is to provide programs and materials that help individuals, families and communities find and remember what is sacred to their highest awareness and to help them incorporate this realization into all aspects of their lives, including the personal, professional and political arenas. The ultimate intention of this endeavor is to promote healing and Peace, first on an intra-personal basis, then expanding to ever broader dimensions of inter-personal, inter-racial/cultural, familial, community and finally planetary healing.

Wakan integrates various ceremonial practices and rituals borrowed (with permission) from many indigenous cultures into workshops, personal growth retreats, monthly community drumming events, sweat lodge ceremonies, solstice and equinox celebrations, etc. Within this context, we attempt to perpetuate, to "keep alive" the ancient wisdom and time-honored precepts universally practiced by indigenous cultures in all corners of the globe: to be in right relationship with the "Sacred Hoop of Life" and the integrity of practicing "sacred reciprocity" (giving back).

Wakan has produced numerous lectures and workshops given by visiting shamans and medicine elders from Native America (representing, among others, the Lakotah, Karuk, Miwok, Kashia Pomo, Huichol, Mazetec tribes), as well as from New Guinea and Africa. We have also sponsored outreach programs and events for senior citizens in retirement/convalescent homes and abused women’s shelters, clothing drives for Native American reservation communities and have co-sponsored several bay area racial healing programs, as well as the Bead Project, sending much needed beads, yarn and other materials to Mexico to support Huichol artisans’ continuing creation of their magnificent artwork. Wakan Press publishes books and journals with spiritual and personal growth themes.

Further information about Wakan, the calendar of events, and various sponsored programs can be found online at: www.nierica.com. Current and back issues of Wakan’s quarterly journal, "Sacred Reflections" can be obtained by contacting: "Sacred Reflections" at the address above.