United Nations Of Youth Foundation

Organizational Overview

The UNOY Foundation is an NGO whose mandate is to empower the local capacities for Peace-building of youth organizations working at a local, regional and international level. Since 1989, UNOY has organized conferences and training-seminars to develop the skills of young leaders in the fields of non-violent conflict resolution, reconciliation, Peace-building and institutional development. The UNOY Foundation maintains a Global Network of Young Peace-builders, and now has an African Network of Young Peace-builders. Other activities of the Foundation are oriented towards strategic linkage to promote the idea of partnership between young people and the United Nations system, and to work for the dissemination of a culture of Peace. For its outreach and advocacy activities, the UNOY Foundation develops projects, campaigns and common initiatives with major youth movements and youth-related UN agencies.

Summary of activities (August 2000 – August 2001)

  • African Youth for a Culture of Peace training-conference. We started with a careful selection of approximately 110 candidates. An e-group was created in advance of the event to generate an environment of sharing and to start preparing the ground to build up a network. From 30 June to 7 July over 100 participants and staff gathered in Cape Town, South Africa for training in non-violent conflict resolution, Peace-building, reconciliation, and to create a continental network of young Peace-builders. Masankho Banda, vice-president of Pathways to Peace, was the programme director of this training-conference. More than 40 African countries were represented in the event, and the network has an extensive membership. The UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, sent a message to the participants of the conference, highlighting the importance of their role in the construction of a culture of Peace.
  • The UNOY Foundation participated in the UN World Youth Forum in Senegal (5-10 August 2001). A presentation of the African network took place during this event, and several African delegates showed interest in joining with concrete projects.
  • Youth initiatives: The UNOY Foundation was represented in the International Youth Parliament (Sydney, October 2000) by a member of staff and five ‘virtual desk’ coordinators. Now the UNOY forms part of the International Advisory Board of the IYP. In addition, UNOY has collaborated with the Hague Appeal for Peace as member of its International Committee
  • Global network of young Peace-builders. Our network organised a Campaign for a Culture of Peace, a contribution to the UN International Year for a Culture of Peace.