The Robert Muller Schools

The Robert Muller Schools Implement the World Core Curriculum formulated by Dr. Robert Muller, noted author and Advisor to PTP. The purpose is to bring about right human relationships and understanding of :
1) Our Planetary Home and place in the Universe,
2) The Family of Humanity,
3) Our Place in Time, and
4) The Miracle of Individual Human Life. We have videos, publications, and Teacher Training available.

The Robert Muller School International Coordinating Center in Arlington, TX, USA, is Coordinating GEMUN XIII (the thirteenth annual Global Elementary Model United Nations) this year. We believe that children who are still in elementary grade levels are most able to receive and grasp the significance of the United Nations without prejudice and that the understanding will last a lifetime.

The program involves hundreds of children from around the world who role-play Delegations to the United Nations. They write and debate resolutions to solve real issues before the United Nations. The General Session is held at a local Texas College each spring. High School students take the responsibility to role-play Secretariat. Any adult is welcome to Sponsor Delegations.