Quiron Team Of Educational Research

Quiron Team of Educational Research gathers professors and researchers from the Department of Theory and History of Education at Complutense University (Madrid). Our research interests are focused on Philosophy, Anthropology and Politics of Education and include subjects such as: Moral and Civic Education, Education for Peace and Human Rights, Multicultural Education, etc.

We understand a Culture of Peace as a way of living, which promotes truth over lie and where everybody has the right to defend her/his own arguments and the reasons that move her/him to act. We understand a Culture of Peace to be a way of living, which promotes solidarity over selfishness and where everybody feels part of a common human project.

As scholars, we try to promote such a Culture of Peace through education and pedagogical research. During the last years several research projects have been carried out around this topic: Pupils’ experience of rights Worldwide situation of the right to education Images of ‘the other’ in childhood …These projects have used very innovative methodological approaches and have taken advantage of the communicative possibilities offered by the Information Technology and the Internet.

This year the book: Human Rights Teaching. Thirty Questions, Twelve Answers and Seventy-Six Activities has been published by members of the Team. The book consists in a textbook full of very practical ideas, activities and suggestions on human rights teaching for Infant, Primary and Secondary School levels, to work both at school and outside school.

Special attention has been paid to include activities for mentally disabled people too. Based on the book, the research project "Education for Peace: live behind images", in progress, tries to know how children read images of other children in war conflict as usually seen in the media.