Peace Education Center

Founded in 1988, the Notre Dame University Peace Education Center of the Philippines works to manifest the vision-mission of the University:

"NDU is a community of living witnesses to the (Gospel) Values through Teaching, Research and Extension services. (It) is a center of meeting and dialogue between science and faith, culture and life, culture and faith."

Its initial activity was to create a group of teachers and administrators who studied together to serve as animators infusing the modules and practices within the NDU community with Peace ideas and values. The University is the main nodal center in Peace and Development studies in Mindanao. It grants degrees (MA, Ph.D, Ed.D) in Peace and Development.

The Peace Education Center has the following programs and services:

  • Educating for Peace-this is the core-subject in the University, providing training and updates for Peace Education teachers, as well as staff and volunteers of the Center. The Center goes to other schools as a regular part of its outreach, to help their teachers and administrators create their own Peace-infused curriculum and Peace centers.
  • Skills training for Peace Workers-the Center offers skills training on facilitating, dialog, mediation and other non-violent, pro-active and creative ways of resolving conflict and building Peace. The Center works closely with the Office of Student Services on a Peer Mediation Program, sponsoring round-table discussions, and symposia on Peace and Development issues.
  • Direct Intervention in Conflict Situations-The Center establishes linkage with government and non-governmental agencies and other groups that serve communities in conflict through confidence-building projects and Peace and Development activities for the affected populace. A desk for Muslim-Christian Dialogue under this program is involved directly with inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue initiatives in Mindanao and the rest of the country.