International Day Of Peace

21 September, Annually

UN Peace Messenger

Peace Begins With Ourselves, Living In Harmony With One Another And With The Earth.

What :    The International Day of Peace (IDP) provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical acts of Peace on a shared date. Use the Internation al Day of Peace annually to highlight the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World, 2001 to 2010.

Established by a United Nations resolution in 1981 , the International Day of Peace was first celebrated September 1982 .

When:    Annually, 21 September — The International Day of Peace

Where: Wherever you are.

Who:   You and all who care about building Cultures of Peace for the children of this and future generations.

Why:    To mark our individual and collective progress toward building Cultures of Peace, and serve as a reminder of our permanent commitment to Peace, above all interests and differences of any kind.

Individuals and Nations, acting in concert, DO make a difference in the quality of our lives, our institutions, our environment and our planetary future. Through co-operation, we manifest the essential Spirit that unites us amid our diverse ways.

How:   Through various paths to personal and planetary Peace:

©   Join people throughout the world in one minute of silence (or more!) this Day, and at NOON every day, in our common commitment to Peace.

©   Ring a bell, light a candle for Peace.

©   Plan a local event. Use schools, places of worship, libraries, parks, or municipal buildings to host events. Use the day to build partnerships within your community. Involve children.

©   Incorporate prayer and meditation into your plans. Join with others to create a global International Day of Peace Vigil

©   Use universal invocations/prayers such as May Peace Prevail on Earth and the Great Invocation

©   Learn universal mudras for Peace .

©   Promote the Day as one dedicated to nonviolence and global ceasefire .

©   Plant a Peace Pole or have a World Peace Flag Ceremony.

©   Participate in a PeaceBuilding project that is inter-generational, intercultural

©   Join alliances of youth organizations uniting for a culture of peace

©   Promote media attention for the Day. UN General Assembly Resolution A/55/282 .

©   Engage in UN Days & Years meditation

©   Ask your government officials to proclaim each 21 September as International Day of Peace Holiday.

©   Be kind, forgiving and compassionate in all relationships, with all circles of life < www.forgiven e ssworks.o r g >,

©   Join the Peace Team with a daily practice

©   Honor “Hear the Children Day of Peace” during September-Culture of Peace Month

©   Become involved in the UN International Decade for a Culture of Peace .

©   11 th National IDP Observance with school programme by UNA’s Education Committee, Principal, Teachers and Pupils United Nations Association Sri Lanka

©   Use and adapt World Peace Plan 2010 .

©   Peace Day Celebrations in Belgium , including Symposium on Health Sustainability and Spiritual World Citizenship by Association of World Citizens, Netherlands ;

©   International Advertising Festival of Rio de Janeiro, is promoting "Grande Prêmio da Paz" in all media .

©   Presentation to the Collective Vision and Spiritual Activism Conference .

©   Noon meditation; works with teachers and school children on peace through planetary citizenship and sustainable development. International Children’s Peace Council, Italy

©   IDP 24-hour peace vigil, A Course In Miracles Int’l

©   Initiating video conversations on Peace through ethical and spiritual values edmee

©   16 th annual IDP noon ceremony of silence and joyful sound, Peal for Peace, Inuvik

©   Olof Palme Peace Foundation volunteer services at hospital, HIV/AIDS awareness campaign, donation of necessities to orphanage in Accra , Ghana and youth sporting activities during Culture of Peace Week

©   Launch Peace Encouragement Program, a People’s Plea for Peace; PeaceWishPostCard; school Peace Song contest; candlelight vigil and public talk, Kathmandu . Friends Service Council Nepal .

©   Programs for children in Uzbekistan through Center of Young Activists “Youth Intellectuals”

©   Meditation focus on IDP with Peacebuilders and Peacemakers worldwide using prayers and Great Invocation, Rainbow Bridge Centre, South Africa .

©   Minute of silence and bell ringing, with messages of world’s children, involving media, educational systems and inter-generational Peacebuilding practices. Service to the aged, refugees and environmental protection, Message of Peace Foundation, Ghana .

©   Listen to special tape and broadcast for IDP. New Dimensions Broadcasting.

©   Educating youth turn away from unpeaceful activities and more towards the promotion of the culture of peace. Peace march of 3000 youths around the city of Yaounde organized by the Foundation for Peace and Solidarity , Cameroon .

©   Special event at University for Peace, Costa Rica; Chancellor Robert Muller’s proposal that on Peace Day, people send contributions to their preferred UN world Programme/Agency;

©   Promoting peace through meditation, invoking love into USA national heart center. Los Angeles Heart Meditation

©   Inauguration of Children’s Peace Movement International; Interdenominational Prayer Congress for World Peace. Church Service; Peace Rally with Delivery of Children’s Letter to the President demanding peace-based government. WHEDA Nigeria .

©   IDP 24-Hour Peace Meditation Vigil, The Sundial House Group, England

©   Peace Education for Sustainable Development Programme for Kashmir Valley . Valley Commonwealth Public School .

©   Peace Rally, Seniors for Peace, Redwood Retirement Community,

©   Prayers for Peace, Tribal Elders of Tiburon Community Congregational Church.

©   World Peace Prayer Ceremony, Byakko Shinko Kai, Japan , World Peace Prayer Society, ,

©   Peace through poor people’s development programmes, Rural Development & Youth Training Institute, Kota district, India .

©   Peace Circle in Quezon City , Phillipinnes, The Peacemakers’ Circle, URI.

©   Banner of Peace and Peace Plaque ceremony, Triangle Centre; 24-hour Global Meditation and Prayer Vigil, New Zealand

©   Children’s Peace Messages, International Art Display by Youth, Peace Day Proclamations, Interfaith Rose Sharing and Peace Doves, CA State Capitol, International World Peace Rose Gardens

©   Work a Day for Peace, 21/22 September. Kit available, Nonviolent Peaceforce , Sri Lanka

©   Prayer for Peace – “Path of Peace”, The Academy for Future Science,

©   IDP Message from K. Ozawa, UNICEF Mongolia

©   “Peace Bell ” at noon and silent Circle for Peace, UN Geneva

©   Gathering and ceremonies at Wanganui peace sculpture, Operation Peace Through Unity, New Zealand

©   Moment of silence at noon , followed by gong, eucharistic celebration and prayers for Peace, Toronto

©   IDP Proclamations by counties, states and countries

©   International Week of Peace activities, including Peace Africa Youth Centres and schools around South Africa, National Conference on Globalised Racism and the Search for Peace and Justice, and launch of Peace park and Life Centre in Kwazulu Natal. Umtapo , South Africa .

©   Students engaged with media stations, Mayor’s office through Students Against Violence Everywhere (S.A.V.E.), Flint Southwestern Academy High School .

©   Procession at Lusaka with 400 children from Fountain of Hope Orphanage; treeplanting ceremony, (40 trees donated by Zambian Forestry Dept.) covered by all media. ,

©   Assembly at the Udhailiyah School, Saudi Arabia, with peace songs and peace balloon launching, bell ringing and moment of silence.

©   Special IDP newsletter featuring prominent Peacebuilders distributed to 8,000 people by The Lifebridge Foundation

©   Share the Spirit of Peace International Youth Summit at UN and World Peace Prayer Sanctuary, NY, inaugurated by Vermont Peace Institute, Inc.

©   E-mail message promoting IDP by Institure for Multi-Track Diplomacy

©   Peace Pledge signed by 4 th – 8 th grade students of St. Mary’s School, Yap , Micronesia

©   Special article about the U.N and IDP, “A Living Instrument of Peace,” by The Peace Company

©   “Talisman of Peace”, a tool for conflict resolution mediators, offered in San Francisco by the Artship Foundation

©   “Peace On The Hill” Celebration and Children’s Letter-Writing Campaign for a Day of Peace for the City of Minneapolis, by The Peace Project Group, 1 st Unitarian Society,

©   Peace Painting, Poetry for Peace, Dhamma Bicycle Race, Peace Studies, and Peace Pole Ceremony. with student monks, students and teachers of 16 primary and secondary schools. Dhamma Park Foundation, Thailand

©   Cultural performances of dance, music and theatre; noon minute of silence and Call to Peace; Peacebuilding activities in Chicago Public Schools during Peace Days (7-21 Sept). The Peace School

©   Trainers attended Peace Events in townships of Cape Town . Quaker Peace Centre, South Africa

©   Special Calendar for September 2003, listing IDP Lepoco Peace Center , Bethlehem , PA

©   “Youth Unite for Peace” gathering with inter-religious prayers, candle lighting for peace, cultural performances by school children, speeches, and poems. Apeadu Peace Center

©   “Peace is a Verb” National radio broadcast for Peace Week, Sept 15 th to 21 st (program # 2992), New Dimensions Broadcasting Network,

©   Global Weblink Connection for the World Peace Festival in Amenia , NY and IDP Celebration, Central Park , NY .

©   Service for Peace as part of “World Peace through Interreligious Actions and Dialogue,” and other ODP observances. Religious Youth Service, Rivers State , Nigeria

©   Noon Peace Vigil, Ideal Spring International Foundation

©   The Arizona Portal of the Earthdance Festival was scheduled this year to coincide with the International Day of Peace. Desert Trance Family

©   One World Live Peace Concert, The Power of Peace, broadcast worldwide.

©   Or… Whatever inspires you as a PeaceBuilder!

©   (Please add your organisation’s activity and website to this list at


“A Silence That Is Heard Around The World”

— San Francisco Examiner, Sept. 19, 1984