Matsunaga Institute For Peace

The Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace is an academic community designed to explore, develop and share knowledge of Peace through teaching, research, publication, and public service. In doing so, it seeks to promote Peace personally, locally, nationally, and globally through compassionate and nonviolent means. By addressing the major issues of conflict management, community building, and the reduction of violence, the Matsunaga Institute for Peace draws closer to its goal: a world at Peace.

Recognizing the urgent and universal desire for Peace in the world, the Board of Regents of the University of Hawai’i established the Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace in 1986. Situated at the crossroads of the Pacific, surrounded by varied cultures, religions and a diversity of political and economic systems, the Matsunaga Institute for Peace has a unique opportunity to explore new and creative ways of building a world where all are free to realize their individual dignity.

Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation

In 1995 Lama Gangchen, founder of the LGWPF presented a proposal for the creation of a permanent spiritual forum inside the United Nations – The UN Spiritual Forum for World Peace – in which all religious denominations, their leaders and representatives can meet in order to concert actions for inner and world Peace. A spiritual forum to identify non-material solutions which should become the principal deliberating body of the most effective inner solutions to outer and inner problems: a human solidarity for the 21st century. The LGWPF is a non-governmental organisation associated to the United Nations since March 1997, the LGWPF was established in 1992:

The LGWPF has been promoting this concept worldwide, presenting it to religious and spiritual leaders, Heads of State, political and prominent world figures in a dedicated effort to invite each to make the best investment for future generations, based on inner Peace as the common language, reinforcing the need for all of us to look more closely at its deeper meaning.

The principal aims of the foundation are to support the development of World Peace by creating the conditions for a real inner Peace educational system at all levels, and by promoting a cultural, spiritual and material exchange between East and West.

The LGWPF founded the following in Nepal:

  • Himalayan Healing Centre and B.P. Koirala Dispensary which offers healthcare and dental care to local residents.
  • Himalayan Broadcasting Network – a Peace Radio with five stations, including United Nations programmes on social welfare and development as well as environmental care.
  • Gangchen Services Association for poor and destitute children.
  • Montesori school for carpet factory workers children.
  • Himalayan International University for yoga and naturopathy.
  • Working for environmental care through Making Peace with the Environment projects and founded the Himalayan Andes Healing Arts Association, organising conferences and field trips, such as to the Amazon rainforests and the Andes.
  • As trustee and executive board member of Save the Elephant Trust, co-sponsored the unveiling of the bronze elephant presented to the United Nations by Kenya, Namibia and Nepal, forever expressing the hope that all animals and human beings may exist in harmony and Peace with nature.
  • The construction of a drinking and irrigation water system has recently been completed in Tibet, Over 250 trees have been planted and presently a new project is underway in collaboration with San Rafael hospital in Italy to build an 80 bed hospital in central Tibet.
  • Revitalisation of alpine and rural cultures through the development of a Meditation and Healing Centre in mountain region of northern Italy, including a permanent cultural exhibition.

Cultural Exchanges:

Reconstruction of monasteries, building of hospitals, dispensaries and schools in Tibet/China, Mongolia, Nepal, India, and so forth, for the support of the culture and spirituality of indigenous people worldwide promoting inter-religious dialogue and understanding to overcome national, racial and religious differences towards international friendship and global harmony.

Peace Message:

By the Power of the Truth Inner Peace and World Peace Now and Forever