James J. Bresky at Apple Charter School

Jim Bresky, (freelance peace activist), teacher, author of the book: CELEBRATING PEACE (American Literary Press, 1996). He works primarily with classroom projects for the children he teaches:

  • Paper Cranes for the Hiroshima Project,
  • The Dream Tree (a peace Christmas tree) during the holidays,
  • Valentines Day – remebrance and preservation of the true legend of valentine,
  • Observance of Hiroshima/Nagasaki in schools, local communities, and on a national and international level especially encouraging government and religious proclamations in the attempt to encourage the 10 am Bell Ringing Ceremony, which honors the International Day of Peace in a unified manner.

James is an 8th grade teacher at Apple Charter School.

Institute For Individual And World Peace

In 1982, the Institute for Individual and World Peace (IIWP) was founded by a group of individuals committed to the "upliftment of the planet through a commitment to the enrichment of individual life." We believe that world peace can be achieved by individuals taking responsibility for peace in their own lives. Our mission is to: Identify and Present the Processes that Lead to Peace. IIWP works as a nonprofit organization through:

The Study of Peace:

We study practical processes that lead toward peace for the purpose of documenting and disseminating these processes into the world.

Presenting the One Accord Workshop Series:

IIWP provides workshops where individuals, leaders, and peacemakers explore and anchor the experience of peace as a day-to-day reality. Our most recent work is extending into the middle and high schools in New York, Pennsylvania, California, New Mexico and Colorado along with e-mail courses that are attended by participants worldwide.

Creating and Participating in Community Peace Projects:

Educational peace project for Jewish, Muslim and Druze school children and teachers in Haifa, Israel -The Luxor Egypt Hospital Project: An international effort to improve and upgrade Hospital facilities – Citizen-to-citizen outreach program between U.S. residents and residents of the former Soviet Union. – Regular Spirit of Service events in Santa Barbara, CA

Sponsoring Windermere Ranch – A Place of Peace:

Owned and operated by IIWP, people can come to Windermere to experience and study peace through contact with nature, horses and wildlife, and by being with other people who are dedicated to peace.

Participating in Peace Presentations:

Parliament of World Religions, Capetown, South Africa
National Conference of Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution
Non Governmental Organization (NGO) conference at the United Nations
East-West Conference in Bardejov, Czechoslovakia, whose focus was to introduce western democratic values to the former eastern bloc countries.