World Women’s Summit Foundation

The WWSF was founded to empower rural women around the world. Their annual Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life is a Peace prize to honor exceptional women and women’s groups working for development and Peace in rural areas. Their annual World Rural Women’s Day, 15th October, increases global awareness of rural women and their contributions to building cultures of Peace. Their Peace Seal campaign, a door-to-door and website-to-website project, is spreading around the world. The Peace Seals say either "My home is a place of Peace," or "My site is a site of Peace."

WWSF’s Arabic newsletter "Building Bridges" connects Arab NGOs and International NGOs working for women’s and children’s rights in a spirit of building cultures of Peace and bridges of understanding. Their World Fund for the Dignity of Children funds organizations working to rehabilitate sexually abused children around the world, and also fights against the sexual exploitation of children. WWSF has also designed a global Peace campaign to unite all peoples who are servants of Peace in a virtual nation without any boundaries or territory.

1) Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life-This award honors annually since 1994 outstanding courageous and creative women who work to improve the quality of life in rural communities around the world. 210 awards (us$500) given so far.

2) World Rural Women’s Day-15 October this day convened by WWSF since 1997 serves to raise awareness of rural women’s contributions to development, equality and Peace and empowers them to demonstrate their indigenous knowledge in preserving life in rural communities.

3) World Fund for the Dignity of Children-This fund created in 1997, sponsors with membership fee prevention and rehabilitation programs of sexually abused children around the world. 14 organizations have so far been sponsored.

4) World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse-19 November launched in the year 2000, the day has as its purpose to create a global culture of prevention of abuse. A global coalition of 125 NGOs have committed to mark the day this year with appropriate local and national activities.

5) Walk Your Talk Global Post Card Campaign to be launched at the UNGASS on children (Sep. 2001) with the purpose to regularly remind heads of states of their promises made to the children of the world. This campaign is especially meant for the youth of the world.

6) Walk Your Talk Award’ (as of 2002) such an award is planned for the world leader who does most to implement the declaration and commitments made at UNGASS on children. It will be given out of Geneva, convened by WWSF in partnership with the global NGO community. Children will honor the head of state and actively participate in organizing the award 0n 20 September (intl. Day for the rights of the child).