World Centers Of Compassion For Children

World Centers of Compassion for Children is a non-profit organization founded by Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams in March 1997. With the support of other Nobel Peace Laureates and Betty’s reputation for more than twenty years of Peace work following receipt of the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize for her work in Northern Ireland, WCCC. held the first "Mothers of the Earth for World Peace" Summit in Vienna, Austria in June 1997. Since the Summit, our work has taken us worldwide – to Japan, Russia, Chechnya, South Africa and other countries. The continuing calls for our assistance and Betty’s leadership and experience show us that there is much to do to change the world for the children.

World Centers of Compassion for Children is based in Florida. As well, the organization has representatives in Northern Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Russia, Great Britain, New Zealand, and Japan.

You don’t have to win the Nobel Peace Prize to work for Peace. The simple premise of unconditional love and non-violence so beautifully brought to life by Gandhi and Martin Luther King can be practiced by all people. Teach only this to your children. If you’ll do just that one simple thing, together, we can heal the world.

We envision the ushering in of the next millennium built on a new paradigm of Peace and justice, grounded in the need to change not what but how we see. Our mission must be to perceive race, religion, politics and economics in a different light so that these forces do not kill our children or perpetuate hatred and violence, generation after generation. This sickening cycle of useless violence can be stopped by teaching the world’s children Peace through love, nurturing and education through WCCC. programs. Our mission is to create a strong political voice for children in areas of stress due to war, hunger or social, economic, or political upheaval and to respond to their expressed needs materially and emotionally. This work includes the determination to feed, clothe and nurture these children while creating an environment in which we can help to reconnect the child to the family, the family to the community, and the community to the nation, and nations to one another – resulting in environments that are capable of sustaining themselves according to high human ideals.

Then, truly, we can say … "A little child shall lead them."