Planetary Vision Festival

The Planetary Vision Festival is an annual series of events and programs celebrating our emerging planetary consciousness and its related ethics and actions through new World Days and a World Month. The Festival will grow in public perception and participation each succeeding year. The Festival is initiated by The Club of Budapest in partnership with the Founding Alliance Members. The Club of Budapest is an international association dedicated to developing new thinking and ethics that will help address the social, political, economic and ecological challenges of the 21st Century. Honorary Members include: H.H. The Dalai Lama, H.E. Mikhail Gorbachev, H.E. Vaclav Havel, Sir Arthur Clarke, Sir Peter Ustinov, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Robert Muller, Betty Williams, Peter Gabriel and Riane Eisler.

Planetary Vision Festival 2001: World Day One – January 1, 2001. The First Global Singalong & First Steps – A Walk For The Future. Launched in 26 countries planet-wide from Australia to Samoa.

World Day Of Planetary Consciousness – March 20, 2001. Spring Equinox, Northern Hemisphere. Sunrise Celebrations & Planetary Vision Special Event in Budapest, Hungary. Launched in 28 cities planet-wide from New Zealand to Samoa.

World Month Of Planetary Understanding – March 21 through April 21, 2001. Linking Related Events Worldwide.

World Peace And Prayer Day – June 21, 2001. Summer Solstice, Northern Hemisphere. An initiative of the world’s Indigenous Peoples.

World Day Of Planetary Ethics – September 22, 2001. Spring Equinox, Southern Hemisphere. Sunrise Celebrations From New Zealand to Samoa & Planetary Vision Special Event in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

World Day Of Planetary Action – December 21, 2001. Summer Solstice, Southern Hemisphere. Locations TBA.