Club Of Budapest USA

The Club of Budapest USA is working to facilitate the development of global understanding and planetary consciousness so as to include all people and their relationship to the earth.

For the first time in history, the future of every human being is shared in some way due to the globalization of society and our traditional worldview is now no longer effective. Our current economic, social, and "information" environment is our own creation. It is only our creativity of mind, our culture, spirit and current "mind set" which enable us to participate in it. Cultivating creativity is a precondition of finding our way toward an interconnected society in which individuals, business, regions and our global family of peoples can live together in Peace, cooperation, and with mutual benefit.

The Club of Budapest USA provides educational programs offered through a variety of media to communicate transdiciplinary leading edge information to the public. Resources include recent books by Dr. Ervin Laszlo.

The Club of Budapest USA is pleased to support the UN Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World and the WPI PeaceBuilding activities.

Our recent PeaceBuilding activities include a public dialogue on the "Cultural Creatives" with Dr. Ervin Laszlo and Dr. Paul Ray. This was a public discussion about the "cultural creatives" within the context of planetary consciousness and how they are an example of a growing new consciousness about a better way to live.

We also held a sunrise event on the spring equinox in support of planetary consciousness as part of the international Club’s initiative called the Planetary Vision Festival and its Partnership Alliance that was held in 28 cities and 22 countries around the world. Our local event was multicultural experience of music, dance and spirituality from around the world.

We, The World

Humanity’s greatest challenge is to create a world composed of cultures of caring and Peace where people live in harmony with each other and with the rest of nature. For this kind of cultural transformation to take place before the many existing planetary crises become irreversible, public involvement is required on a truly global scale.

We, The World is a global coalition-linking initiative designed to engage and inspire many people to get personally involved in creating such a caring world. By integrating a strong media presence with a continuing series of worldwide public events and other programs, we intend to nourish and advance the processes of personal and societal transformation that will create a caring world.

Our newest program, the Global Resources Network, is intended to expand the connections and awareness of local non-profits and NGOs to the global level, while increasing the outreach and support for initiatives already active internationally. The Network will connect organizations working for Peace, justice, environmental sustainability and the fulfillment of people’s inner needs for meaning and purpose.

The Global Resources Network will allow organizations of whatever size and resources to easily learn about and then participate in each other’s initiatives even when they take place far from their local domains – thus spreading their name and expanding their reach.

The web-based Global Resources Network will feature:

  • An Organization Database for participating organizations to share their information, activities and plans for the future.
  • A Global Event Calendar to give organizations and the general public easy access to information and involvement with upcoming events and movements around the world.
  • A Collaborations Bulletin Board to display requests for event co-sponsors or other exchanges between organizations.

We are looking forward to working with you to help create a world in which every life matters.