US Foundation

US creates unity and harmony between people, and between people and the planet on which we live. US serves as a network and consultant for people and organizations to promote our transformation into a mutually responsible and collaborative global society. They consult to organizations in quest of balance and productivity.

They sponsor events that use practical information, music, art and drama to integrate the minds, bodies and spirits of peoples of all ages into a more integrated and Peaceful way of living. One ongoing project is their Summer Camps for at-risk teenagers in the Santa Barbara (California) area. Through collaboration with many local community organizations, US is developing a working model of alternative lifestyles for at-risk youth, enabling them to express themselves in safe and productive ways.

United Nations Association of Sri Lanka

The United Nations has declared Decade 2000-2010 as the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World, "Building a Culture of Peace" has been given top priority by the UNESCO. UNASL commemorated this UN Declaration with the publication of a Special Editorial in our Quarterly Newsletter entitled: "Towards a Culture of Peace". We incorporated the full Preamble of the UN Charter and a part of the Preambles of the Constitutions of the UNESCO and the WFUNA which reads as follows: "Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in minds of men that the defenses of Peace must be constructed".

The above words of wisdom built into the UNESCO and WFUNA Constitutions giving the human mind the most important place in Peace building are also found in the teachings of the Buddha who said more than 2500 years ago: "mind precedes all knowables, mind is their chief, mind made are they. If with a corrupted mind one should either speak or act, suffering follows, as does the wheel of the ox’s hoof. To refrain from evil, to do what is good, and to purify one’s mind is the advice of all the Buddha’s". His teachings are based on Great Compassion and Great Wisdom, stand for indivisibility of the human race, equality of women, Peaceful co-existence, care for children and elders, preservation of the environment, religious tolerance, non-exploitation of workers, abstinence from alcohol, poison, arms and weapons, slaves and respect for others’ rights.

Our vision for a Culture of Peace is a judicious combination of the cherished ideals of the United Nations with those religious teachings of the Buddha, Christ and Mohamed and Hinduism as applicable to the "Sectors of the Peace Wheel" and to the Third Millennium. Our contributions as a People’s Movement are recognized as the only NGO in Sri Lanka by the UN Secretary General as far back as 1987 as a PEACE MESSENGER.

With a view to creating an awareness on the world wide activities of the United Nations among school children, we have been conducting since 1981 two programs: via, Study Circles Program in national Schools (At present numbering 235 in 18 of 25 Districts) and regular seminars in these Study Circle Schools. A pilot Project to teach English Language skills and Computer Literacy to school leavers started in 1998 with Canadian.

Since 1950 we have observed the UNITED NATIONS DAY without a break. For several years now, we have also observed the UN International Day of Peace and the International Years declared by the UN.

Special mention may be made of two publications made by our members. The first is a draft Universal Declaration of Human Obligations (UDHO) compiled by the late A.H.Karunaratne, MSc. (Econ) Lond. The other is a book "Buddhism for the Layman" authored by Kumaran Fernando, a copy of which was sent to the UN Secretary General, which commended it highly.

A sustainable Development Project close to a Forest Reserve and a Re-forestation Project are two of the New Activities planned by us for the future.