The Cello Cries On

The Cello Cries On, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization which "exists to empower and unite youth across racial, ethnic, religious, economic, social, and cultural lines to work for human rights, social justice, multicultural harmony, and Peace." The organization is unique in that it was founded, in 1998, by an 11-year-old boy and its projects are totally youth conceived, youth directed, and youth led.

The organization’s most substantial project is The Children’s International Peace-and-Harmony Statue, which will be a gift to Bosnia from children worldwide. The statue will be a tangible representation of the collective voice of youth saying "yes" to Peace and harmony and "no" to war and genocide. Since last year’s report over half of the money has been raised for the sculpture and work will begin on the life-size bronze statue in the fall of 2001.

Inspired by the nonviolent response of the Cellist of Sarajevo to the massacre of 22 innocent people, the statue has become a catalyst bringing together youth from diverse cultures, races, ethnic groups, religions, and nationalities to discuss and work for Peace and to take the message of harmony into their communities through programs of public awareness and education. As a result, another project of The Cello Cries On, Inc. was organized. Youth for Peace in the Year 2000 is an international youth organization that was formed in 1999 and has members from all six continents. During this past year, Y4PY2K has developed two projects to raise awareness for Peace while fundraising for the statue. The group is currently seeking the participation of communities across America and around the world in these projects. One project is the "Chain of Hope" and the other is "Harmony in the Park 2002," which will take place on May 27, 2002, the 10th anniversary of the Breadline Massacre in Sarajevo,.

Last year, yet another organization emerged under the auspices of The Cello Cries On, Inc. This group, YOUth for Harmony in ACTion, works locally for the promotion of multicultural harmony through community service and education. The inaugural project created for Y4HA is a multicultural literacy program entitled Read…Succeed…Lead.TM

The work of the organization and its projects is furthered through The Informer, a by-kids-for-kids international newspaper, which seeks to "inform, inspire, and interconnect youth." The paper has subscribers in 29 US states and 19 countries.