Will Donald Trump Protect The National Transport Industry Against Autonomous Vehicles?

A Big Concern

Uber is constantly pushing for autonomous vehicles, and so is Apple and certain automakers. However, it is evident that it would be bad for the American worker and the reasons are obvious: driverless vehicles would put many companies out of business, and consequently, leave many without a job.

That is the issue, because it puts the national worker’s rights at risk. Obama was benevolent towards driverless vehicles; however, is it the same case for Donald Trump?

Ross Limo
Image: technologyreview.com

The National Limousine Association Has Spoken

The NLA is aware of this problem that is putting all limo companies in the country at risk. It would affect big and small companies equally, be it a big player as Ross Limo from Los Angeles or a family-run business from Arkansas.

Not everyone would have the capital to acquire driverless limousines, but more importantly, it would leave many chauffeurs without a job. That is why the NLA is urging Donald Trump to protect the American worker against this threat.

As a logic consequence, one can assume that Trump’s narrative will support this act, and we hope it goes down that way, because otherwise, it would put an entire industry in serious risk and all the companies, workers and families that depend on it.

Road Safety in Exchange for Jobs

This is simply not acceptable, and we are sure that the NLA and many Americans will support this. Many companies and enthusiasts of driverless cars argument that the large-scale adoption would make roads much safer (we do not know it yet, it is only pure speculation), but we cannot do it at the expense of leaving thousands without a job, and therefore, an income for their families.

Bottom Line:

The GOP tax bill has already shown good signs that Trump’s administration actually cares about workers, but the question is still here: Will the POTUS fight against the threat of driverless vehicles? We still have to see it, but we sincerely hope he does.