Radio For Peace International

RFPI began broadcasting in September 1987 with a single transmitter. Today RFPI beams its signal around the world utilizing three transmitters. Over ten thousand letters have been received from listeners in more than 100 countries.

RFPI’s studios and transmitters are located on the campus of the University for Peace (created by the United Nations) in Costa Rica. Short-wave signals can be heard worldwide. They are not stopped by political or geographic boundaries. RFPI on short-wave provides the most cost-effective and accessible medium of alternative global news and views. RFPI broadcasts information not readily available in other media on all aspects of planetary Peace. It provides a voice for the geographically and culturally diverse community concerned with global interdependence. RFPI provides in-depth analysis and challenges prevailing concepts. Its goal is to foster global Peace-centered solutions to the challenges of our time. RFPI also offers internships for qualified young people. Please contact them directly for further information.