Peace Center / Theosophical Society Philippines

The Peace Center teaches that the long-term foundation of Peace-whether personal, social or international, is human character. Qualities include goodwill, benevolence, selflessness, and compassion towards other living beings. When these elements are absent, then no amount of treaties would ensure long-term harmony among individuals or groups. The Peace Center has a program that seeks to contribute to this long-term basis of true Peace. They have been conducting Self-Transformation Seminars with various groups, including young people, which promote self-transformation leading to inner Peace and external harmony. Included in the seminar are:

  • Review of one’s Map of Reality,
  • Clarification of Values,
  • Self-Mastery, and
  • Transcendence.

The portion on Self-mastery includes specific approaches towards resolving inner personal conflict (painful memories, resentments, fears), and resolving interpersonal conflict. It shows how an individual can strengthen one’s higher will and higher values to govern thinking, attitudes and behavior, rather than allow conditioning to dictate one’s behavior.