Gateway To Peace

The Gateway to Peace caters to unite the strength of individuals, and organizations into a cohesive movement to make Peace a practical reality for the future generations. The organization increases the collective will among children, women and men to live harmoniously with one another. It also develops intergenerational decision making expands the participation of young people in united Nations Conferences and Summits. It protects the rights of children particularly those who live in difficult conditions and to sensitizes the public about these rights.

Some of the activities of the organization includes
1. To promote cooperation among existing organization groups and projects by forcing Peace partnership along specific paths
2. Create events on the International Day of Peace which are multi cultural, intergenerational, interfaith and which foster community at all levels. To expand the understanding and definition of Peace through symposia.
3. To participate in exhibition and special events that create a vision for a positive future (e.g. arts shows, films, concerts essay competition) etc. To gather funds and other resources to help eliminate childhood diseases and to promote prenatal heath education.

Report, plans and activities of the organization.
The Gateway to Peace was able to organize some activities and programmes during 2000/2001 despite all the challenges and difficulties during the January 6, 1998 rebel incursion even as our office was burnt down including all of our office equipment and documents.

A successful symposium was held on the 19 September 2000. The theme was "The Future is Ours" Young people were able to spell out their goals, analyze and contribute to the political education of future African decision makers. Another symposium was held on the 20th December 2000. The theme was "Peace Building in Sierra Leone" a key to national reconstruction and development. This symposium was held in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of Gateway to Peace, and included the presence of the Vice President of Pathways To Peace Mr. Masankho Bhanda, who gave the key note address. T

Apart from those programs the organization is planning to organize the Peace concert and related programme on the International Day of Peace 3rd Tuesday September. We are hoping to celebrate this day as it serve as a reminder of our permanent commitment to Peace above all interest and difference of any kind and gives positive evidence of that commitments through actions of cooperative good will. We are also planing to host a week conference for youth leaders and young people. It is scheduled to take place during December 1 to 7 2001 respectively.