The Purpose

  • To unite the strength of individuals, organizations, and projects into a cohesive movement to make Peace a greater reality for future generations.
  • To contribute ideas to the United Nations about its evolving role in the 21st Century as an instrument for building and maintaining Peace. These ideas will be summarized periodically in formal reports to the UN.
  • To establish the International Day of Peace (World Peace Day) as a global day of access and Peace leadership for children and youth.
  • To expand participation in the annual International Day of Peace (World Peace Day), to celebrate humanity’s progress toward Peace along its many paths, and create 24 hours of Peace worldwide.
  • To increase the collective will among children, women, and men to live harmoniously with one another and the Earth.
  • To develop inter-generational decision-making and to expand the participation of young people in United Nations Conferences and Seminars.