Action Coalition for Global Change

The Action Coalition for Global Change based in San Francisco, continues working on two important projects towards a Culture of Peace, both expressions of the "WE THE PEOPLES" INITIATIVE The First (Pacific Coast) Regional People’s Assembly was held at San Francisco State University’s Seven Hills Center between June 29th – July 1st, 2001. Over 130 people from 50 different organizations attended, including representatives of People’s Assemblies from Seattle, Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York, India, Canada and Samoa. There were a number of distinguished speakers, many workshops, and "open space" to facilitate the creation of common visions, goals and actions.

This Assembly was part of an ongoing effort in the development of local-to-global People’s Assemblies around the world. Our mission as a People’s Assembly is to be a vehicle through which the voice of the people can be heard on issues affecting their destiny, to take action and insist that governments and businesses act responsibly, and to work toward a permanent elected body representing the people within an evolving United Nations. The People’s Agenda also includes the "Peoples Declaration of Human Responsibilities" for the Environment, in Politics, in Business.

Proceedings and summaries of this recent Regional People’s Assembly can be obtained through its web site. This web site will be a tool for people, organizations, and people’s assemblies from around the world to network and to exchange information, and to develop common goals, policies & projects.

The second project of the ACGC is creating San Francisco as a "Model City for the 21st Century". The goal of the Model City project is to translate the global vision into local action, and to "forge unity out of our rich diversity". Current work focuses on creating a Culture of Peace through Business through an initiative that promotes a win-win solution to the present problems in globalization: Consumers for Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR provides a neutral forum building trusting relationships between corporations and consumers (contact: Lola Kristof).

Association For A Social Movement

This group, established in 1993, aims to raise the standard of living, promote community welfare, and improve the environment in such a way as to encourage the healthy development of youth. Specifically, the organization runs family planning programs and water supply and sanitation activities.

The Purpose

  • To unite the strength of individuals, organizations, and projects into a cohesive movement to make Peace a greater reality for future generations.
  • To contribute ideas to the United Nations about its evolving role in the 21st Century as an instrument for building and maintaining Peace. These ideas will be summarized periodically in formal reports to the UN.
  • To establish the International Day of Peace (World Peace Day) as a global day of access and Peace leadership for children and youth.
  • To expand participation in the annual International Day of Peace (World Peace Day), to celebrate humanity’s progress toward Peace along its many paths, and create 24 hours of Peace worldwide.
  • To increase the collective will among children, women, and men to live harmoniously with one another and the Earth.
  • To develop inter-generational decision-making and to expand the participation of young people in United Nations Conferences and Seminars.

Santa Magdalena Center For Peace & Environment

This organization started in 1992 as a "walk-rally" to help awaken people’s consciousness of individual and communal responsibility in promoting Peace and protecting the environment. It developed into an annual week-long event each October, with awards given to outstanding citizens who protect and promote environmental concerns in their daily lives. They are very active in local cooperative efforts to unite communities in protecting the environment and building a culture of Peace.

Rainbow Bridge Centre

This group has organized children to join in with the Noordhoek Ecology & Agricultural Group to clear the beaches and rivers and nature areas of rubbish and refuse once or twice a year. The municipality provides trucks and drivers and big bags in which to put all the rubbish. A group of dedicated and knowledgeable souls are educating under-privileged people to grow vegetables on a very small area of land (door size) and providing seeds and implements. This nucleus is organizing those under its care into groups in their own area, and so it has become a community project with each group able to contact the head office for advice and help.

Rainbow Bridge Centre is involved also with World Meditations and Prayers, with healing people, and with networking. They are now using the slogan PEACE WILL PREVAIL ON EARTH.

Prairie Peace Park

The Park, which opened on June 11, 1994, tells a story — a powerful story about the human journey. A thousand persons represented this journey by walking barefooted on the clay the entire length of World Peace Mural before it was fired. Exhibits in the Park show that we need to visualize the next stages of this journey — to unfold the greatness of being human. If the founders of America were alive today, they might say that our mission is to build the world according to its Divine destiny with Divine guidance.

The Park offers visitors a vantage point from which to gain perspective to see that war, violence, and exploitation are not permanent, that we can develop a Peaceful world, and that this is possible as we unite our minds together. The Park is operated by volunteers who keep the Park open. Some of the exhibits are: Mandalas of the Holy Ones Children’s Sculptures Earth Alive Display. There are labyrinths, mazes, special paths to walk (Walking the Solar System, Amber Waves of Grain, Path out of War to Peace) and much more. The Prairie Peace Park is being built by concerned citizens — all volunteers — who have decided to give their time, energy and money to help heal the Earth and reduce violence in our society.

Peace Child International

Peace Child gets its name from a tradition In Papua New Guinea, when warring tribes o head-hunters made Peace, they each exchanged a child. The children would grow up with the others’ tribe and if in the future, conflict threatened between the tribes again, those children would be sent to negotiate. Such a child was called a "Peace Child." This legend represents the important role we believe young people can play in changing the world.

Peace Child is, was and continues to be a family of people dedicated to Peace and the survival of our planet. They have been involved with developing the youth version of UNEP’s report "The Global Environmental Outlook," otherwise known as GEO. Early this year eleven youth from ten countries came to PCI’s headquarters at The White House in the UK to write the first draft of this document.

PCI has also established 90 National Co-ordinators towards their Millennium Young People’s Congress, to be held October 22-25 1999 in Hawai’i. "The Young People’s Earth Summit" will convene over 1000 young people who will have the opportunity to express their concerns on issues that are significant to them.

PCI is also starting work on a youth edition of the United Nations Development Programme document called "The Human Development Report (HDR)."

There are nine HDRs, one for each year since 1990, each covering a different aspect of human development, e.g. poverty, gender, consumption, etc. In attempting to produce a much more "user friendly" series of books… "we have realized that once you have broken through the barrier of language and style of presentation, this is fascinating stuff."

They are just starting a project of Sustainable Development Training Centers in Africa, funded through the EU, and centered out of branches in Senegal, Guyana, Ghana and Uganda.

Global Environment & Peace Parliament

Motto: To Create A Global Environment For Peace And Harmony In World.

Slogan: Making Peace A Reality

Cohort For Research On Environment, Urban Management & Human Settlement

The Purpose and Mission of CREUMHS is engagement in non-political objects to conduct Research on Environment, Urban Management And Human Settlements To Advance Knowledge and Action around the fields of Environment, Urban Management And Human Settlements through Policy-Oriented Research and Information Sharing And Dissemination. of Research Results through Participatory Methods And Utilization.. Section 12 of The Constitution And Rules states the other dual role of the CREUMHS as an NGO are Training and Conducting of Research Findings Seminars and Workshops to promote the Utilization of Research Results undertaken And to build Networks and Extension among its membership.

CREUMHS was significantly involved in the aftermath of the embassy bombing in Nairobi. They contributed to the efforts of local and global NGOs to provide aid and to make a coordinated statement on behalf of the people of Nairobi. This manifested in a special ceremony in early January 1999, placing a Peace Pole in a central location in Nairobi, symbolizing the dedication of the people to building Peace, and raising hope that equitable solutions to social problems can be established. Research Coordinator Nicky Nzioki was a key organizer of NGO activities.

World Youth Service & Enterprise

WYSE is an Educational Charity associated with the United Nations, incorporating the guiding principles of the UN Charter and of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. WYSE International is based in London and has 8 national branches overseas initiated by past participants who want to expand the goodwill of WYSE.

WYSE Leadership programs take the form of two-week intensive leadership programs conducted by a team of international educators. Participants learn that to effectively lead others, they must first know and lead themselves in particular, to recognize and explore their inner world and nurture hidden potential. Emphasis is given to the development of body, mind, emotions and spirit and their integration and application. The focus is personal, but always within the context of global vision, evoking a sense of personal and social responsibility leading to action. WYSE emphasizes inclusiveness, appreciation, understanding and love. One of the disciplines used is Psychosynthesis, a concept of human development, founded by the Italian psychiatrist, Roberto Assagioli. Psychosynthesis techniques provide opportunities for participants to develop self-knowledge, clarify their purpose, recognize their true and creative potential and improve their relationships.

The curriculum includes individual and group experiences in:

  • Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • Interpersonal and communication Skills
  • Cooperation and Team Building
  • Group Facilitation Skills
  • Cultural Exchange Presentations
  • Meditation
  • Art
  • Physical activities
  • Global and Environmental Issues
  • United Nations and Human Rights
  • Men’s and Women’s Groups
  • Guest Speakers

Building a better world is not just a dream for WYSE, rather a reality. Participants return to their countries with a clearer sense of who they are and how they can effectively apply what they have learned. Many of them have developed projects to help people in their own countries.