Palm Springs and Donald Trump: An Interesting Case

Love him or hate him, one cannot neglect the fact that Donald Trump is one of the most notorious political characters of the century. He has already left his mark in history, and it is something that will prevail in time.

However, what is the connection between Palm Springs and Donald Trump? What does this beautiful city have to do with politics? This article is not your normal piece of content, not at all, but that is the beauty of it. Therefore, if you are up for reading something new and interesting, then you are welcome!

“Palm Springs Has Been Destroyed”

Back in August 2012, Donald Trump tweeted this:

“Palm Springs, CA has been destroyed–absolutely destroyed–by the world’s ugliest wind farm at the Gateway on Interstate 10. Very very sad!”

Palm Springs
We all know that this city is very beautiful and not in vain Palm Springs villa rentals sell out very quickly every year. However, Trump’s point may be valid for many, because in all honesty, the wind farm is not the most visually attractive.

That is his opinion, and he gave it way before the elections, but as you can easily guess, this was brought up to attack him during his presidential run. That is the connection between Palm Springs and Trump. Let’s analyze this point deeper.

A Fair Critic:

Many used this statement from 2012 to say that Trump is an enemy of renewable sources of energy, and therefore, an enemy to the planet. Nothing could be far from truth, because in order to identify what he really wanted to say, we need to check what he said on Herman Cain’s radio show, where he talked about this issue.

He pointed out that several windmills were broken and rusty, hence, giving the whole farm a bad look, and consequently, transferring this to the whole city. A fair and valid point, which unfortunately, not many media outlets took care to point out.

It is very clear to state that if something affects a place’s aesthetics then it is a problem, and Donald Trump is right on that.

A Classic Case of Political Attack:

As we can see, it is far easier to take out his declarations out of context and directly accuse him of opposing the use of renewable source of energies (it is fair to say that he said that wind turbines were way too expensive and that there were better alternatives).

Therefore, it is a lesson for everyone out there: everything in politics needs to be double-checked. It goes for people in every sector of the political spectrum, because this example of Trump’s tweet and interview clearly show how one can twist it and use it as a way to attack the person.

Well… I know this was not your typical blog post, but it served a purpose: show you how political attacks work, and all by taking the beautiful city of Palm Spring as an example.

Questions? Feel free to shoot them!